The passito Centoventidue of Saporare comes from grapes of exclusively selected Spergola vines, located in Emilia Romagna food valley. The grapes are harvested by hand generally in the first half of September and the whole bunches are placed in small perforated wooden boxes. Here, the bunches are left to rest at controlled humidity for one hundred and twenty-two days, in Italian “CENTOVENTIDUE” days. Fermentation takes place in the middle of winter in durmast barrels and the wine is bottled after two years of aging and refinement. Characterized by golden yellow color with amber reflections, Centoventidue Spergola passito wine has intense and harmonious aromas reminiscent of very ripe fruit. On the palate, it is velvety, pleasantly sweet, harmonious, with hints of vanilla and noble spices.

Weight 1 kg

500 ml


Contains sulphites

14,5% vol