“In Italian the word AMARO derives from the Latin amarum” “to be strong” “, in this definition the amari in Italy have become the after-meal liqueur par excellence.
Herbal and root liqueur, fruit of the commitment and wisdom of the ancient herbalists.
Healthy infusion of officinal plants, with a strong taste of Gentian and Milk Thistle, finds the right place after meal as a natural aid to meditation as the initial explosion of flavors, with all its load of energy and the unscrupulousness typical of all good ideas, then gives way to a very long trail of suggestions and flavors that change the mouth and life. “

Weight 1 kg

500 ml

Hydroalcoholic extract of genlan, sugar, alcohol, hydroalcoholic extract of: aromatic plants, milk thistle, orange peels, thyme, juniper. 33% vol.