Saba is an ancient dressing food typical of Reggio Emilia’s hills peasant tradition.

Saba di Saporare is a high-level craftsman specialty obtained from Lambrusco Trebbiano’s grapes must of Scandiano’s foothills area, located in Emilia Romagna food valley, low heat cooked until one third of the initial volume is evaporated.

The grape syrup obtained doesn’t contain preservatives, thickeners, caramel and has a sweet and characteristic flavor, which makes it ideal for accompanying polenta, medium-aged cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano, biscuits, yogurt, ice cream and panna cotta.

Weight 0.5 kg

100 ml


INGREDIENTS: cooked grape must of Trebbiano grapes from the Reggio Emilia hills.

No preservatives. No thickeners. No caramel.

Contains sulfites not added.