Saporare’s spaghetti made by Strampelli’s pasta factory in Amatrice are the pasta shape par excellence; it’s the perfect union between the love for good food and the area’s traditions. It’s made by a special processing called “ad archetto” with durum wheat semolina and bronze drawn, for that they are perfect for preparing the Amatriciana recipe.


Strampelli’s pasta factory in Amatrice

The Strampelli’s pastry , is the first production facility in Amatrice, that produces artisan dry pasta by mixing the best 100% Italian durum wheat semolina with pure mineral water of the nearby Velino’s Mountain and Pizzuto’s Mountain springs. The bronze drawing and the long drying give a rough finishing to the pasta , that allows it to perfectly absorb the most varied sauces. In the Saporare Saporareyou can find Spaghettithe pasta format par excellence, which has always been a symbol of Italy all over the world. Produced in accordance with the best pasta traditions, they are perfect if accompanied by tomato sauce, spaghettata ligure sauce and are perfect for amatriciana or carbonara.

Weight 0.5 kg

500 g

INGREDIENTS: durum wheat semolina, water.

It may contain traces of soy.

Country oh wheat cultivation: Italy

Country of milling: Italy

Average nutritional values for 100g

Energy 1543Kj / 364 Kcal

Fat  0,5g

of which saturated fatty acid 0,3g

Carbohydrate 74g

of which sugars 1,8g

Fiber 3,5g

Protein 14g

Salt 0,03g

Store in a cool dry place

Cooking time in minutes: 8/10